The Stranger on the Canvas

A continuing self-portrait project focusing on the disassociation between artist and reflection. In limiting my media to oil paint on canvas I am gesturing to the rich and traditional history of the self-portrait. Inspired by literary, poetic and artistic works, I am attempting to create the ultimate and true self-portrait by capturing a snapshot of the ‘self’, the authenticity of which is up for judgement and debate…

Painted self self-portrait

A body paint project in which I inverted the concept of self-portrait by literally painting myself. These images occupy a space between the real and unreal, with the colours and gestural brushstrokes infusing the images with a dream-like quality, while the photographic format places the images in reality; particularly highlighted in the images where I make direct eye contact with the camera as the undeniably real eyes in a painted face creates a jarring contrast. They expound the sense of self which we create and present, until the true self is erased and suppressed. Rather than personifying the pursuit of self-knowledge, which is often the subject of self-portraiture, these images illustrate a pursuit of self-concealment, a fear of acknowledging that the self is other, and the ego is other.